In hiring Independent Contractors, the screening of the agencies or companies that will deploy the necessary manpower is very important. It is, perhaps, the most important part of the whole process. This is so because this company represents the technicians that will soon be deployed in jobs that represent DAG. The factors that we need to consider whenever we're screening a potential contractor are the following:

  • Reputation. Is the company trustworthy? Do they produce good customer reviews? Do they treat their employees right? These are just a few of the questions that we ask ourselves even prior to conducting the meeting with the potential contractor. As we are to give them the right to carry the brand and reputation of our company, we have to make sure that they have good standing in the community they serve and that they are competent enough to serve the jobs we will forward to them while attaining the standards and qualities that we promise our customers.

  • Background. Background check is always a must whenever we contract with another business entity in dealing with our services. This serves as the backbone of trust reposed to one another by contracting parties. In dealing with contractors, we must make sure that there is as clean as ours in the sense that their records are clean and the people that work within it have a good standing in their respective communities. After all, as a cleaning company, we do not sweep dirt under the rugs.

  • Documentation. After checking their current standing and their respective backgrounds, we must make sure that they are compliant with the legal requirements and that they have a process or system in place that will produce efficient and effective results. In line with this, we must check whether they have the licenses required to be an agency or an independent contractor, we must check if they provide insurance for the services that they provide, and we must check if their current operations are not just good, but also sustainable in the long run. The following are the requirements that we usually take into consideration whenever we're meeting with a potential contractor (note that the list may vary depending on the State that the company resides in):

  • Licensing;
  • Insurance Coverage;
  • Amount of Insurance Coverage;
  • Human Resource Documentation;
  • Operations Manual;
  • Past Agreements;
  • Past Allegations;
  • Legal Consequences;
  • Litigations

Past Clients. This part is not mandatory as we do not want to discriminate against start-ups, but past-clients reviews are important in assessing a potential contractor. It provides information and perspective to us whether the company is liked by its customers or clients, and that they don't just finish the service but finish them with a certain standard that is on par with Green Tech and DAG.