Deployment Management

The main purpose of this Independent Contractorship is for us to have manpower deployed to certain jobs that we feel will be more profitable if done this way. Therefore, the deployment of the technicians is what makes these contracts that we make with agencies important. In evaluating whether the deployment will be beneficial to us if done by a certain contractor, we take into consideration the following factors:

  • Proximity. Although proximity to the jobs is usually the contractor's burden to carry, it is worthy to note that at the end of the day, these jobs carry the name of our company. Thus, the due diligence of being timely in every job that we book is for us to ascertain. This is why we consider the proximity of the contractor's site so as to make sure that no traffic or any other long-distance burden will come up whenever we book a service.
  • Technicians. Since we do not really hire the technicians to be deployed, we must make sure that the hiring process of the potential contractor is strict and certain to the point that we don't have to worry about the quality of their work. Although we don't really deal with the technicians directly, we still manage the jobs and services that they work on. It is still our duty to make sure that the promises we give to our customers are met whenever they work on the services.
  • Training. The technicians that you deploy must be well-trained with the specifications of our jobs and are continuously improving at it. Since we don't really do the training ourselves - because that's primarily the reason why we're dealing with independent contractors - we make sure that the agencies holding the technicians are diligent with their training program. In checking this, we make sure that the technicians are being taught how our services should be done, what our checklists for each service are, and the core values that we hold in doing so.